5 Ways to Control Your Inventory Using Wire Mesh Containers

This article is all about why you should invest in wire mesh containers to help optimize your warehouse and increase its overall efficiency.

One of the most vital parts of a well-run warehouse, fulfilment centre, manufacturing facility, or distribution centre is organization. It helps to ensure that each of your products is always precisely where it should be and that employees are working as efficiently as they possibly can.

Inventory Organization is Very Important

Inventory mistakes are frequently the result of picking and sorting errors resulting from a lack of organization. It can substantially hurt your company’s bottom line over time by having a negative impact on sales, completion time, service quality, and error correction. But optimizing your storage setup is one of the quickest ways to get rid of inventory irregularities.

Metal storage containers for warehouses can keep your goods tidy, immaculate, and well-organized. These containers are one of the strongest warehouse storage containers available because of their sturdy, steel-sided design, and eco-conscious organizations love them since they can be repurposed into new products after being used numerous times.

Tips to Organize Your Inventory and Warehouse Facilities

Here are some excellent tips for using these containers to organize your inventory.

Choose collapsible containers

The fact that inventory shifts frequently is one of the most difficult aspects of arranging it. Overstock, fresh goods, and other unforeseen difficulties frequently require accommodations in even the leanest and best-oiled warehouses.

Selecting a collapsible container is one way to guarantee that you’re always prepared for whatever the warehouse throws at you. While still being long-lasting, versatile, and resilient, these units may be stored efficiently so that they’re available whenever you require them.

Divide and modify the container

Metal wire mesh containers can be modified somewhat, much like the majority of warehouse containers. But to get a high level of customization, you don’t always have to buy brand-new, different products.

Alternatively, divide containers into sections or contain certain items using box dividers. This makes it simple for pickers to reach items and increases storage capacity without requiring an entirely new piece of storage containers or material handling product.

Stackable wire mesh containers work wonderfully

Steel has many advantages over wood, including being incredibly robust and long-lasting, which makes it perfect for stacking. Because stackable mesh cages typically support a lot of weight, you can arrange full-sized containers vertically.

Numerous drop gates enable you to access goods when your containers are stacked, and they have several features. Steel is heavy; therefore, you need to be aware that you can only stack your containers if your warehouse has forklifts.

Incorporate pallet racking systems

Speaking of forklifts, if you don’t already have a pallet racking system but are in desperate need of more extra storage, it could be necessary for you to give it some thought. Forklift runners are a common feature of wire storage containers, making it simple to integrate them into your pallet racks.

Of course, doing this allows you to make the most of your overhead storage space, that results in a floor which is better organized. We can assist you in designing a special pallet rack to fit your unique containers.

Go “mesh” if you’re doubtful

When visibility is crucial, such as when you need to know precisely how much stock is left in a specific container, steel containers are a smart option. If you want to be able to look into the collapsible container throughout all times, choose collapsible wire containers or sturdy steel containers with mesh sides for complete accessibility.

One important thing to keep in mind is that while these types of containers are usually forklift-friendly, they shouldn’t be utilized for perishable or thin, small items.

Save BIG on Material Handling Equipment and Storage Containers with Ala Logistics

You may make your warehouse or industrial facility into a well-organized, error-free environment by using all of these helpful recommendations.

Always keep in mind that purchasing heavy-duty, high-quality mesh containers from Ala Logistics can result in significant savings.

If you’re unsure about which containers are best for your company, don’t hesitate to contact us.