Portable Storage Rack and Post Pallet— A Vital Warehouse Equipment

Materials can transit through the whole production line or supply chain on the same rack. ALA Logistics’ portable storage rack systems, are the adaptable solution to your continuously changing storage, processing, or shipping demands.

On our stack racks, even components with unusual shapes that can’t often be placed can fit. Due to the vertical posts’ ability to support stacks of up to four units high without causing load-on-load contact, goods collapse damage is reduced.

Portable Storage Racks Saves You Vital Space

When handling, loading, and transporting your loads, portable storage racks will keep them safe. ALA Logistics has equivalent weight limits while giving improved stacking strength in comparison to wooden pallets. Portable racks can also be disassembled for easy and space-saving storage when unused.

Our container design engineers have a wealth of experience developing solutions for almost every industrial use, including wire coils, tyres, automotive components, textiles, and more.

A flexible racking solution not feasible with traditional racks, ALA Logistics portable racks are extremely configurable and make it simple to switch from one rack arrangement to another to meet your operation without significant installation or dismantling charges. They can also be moved around all over the warehouse to make use of available space or to meet the demands of the moment. They may be stored flat and stacked while not in use, occupying less storage space.

Since ALA Logistics stackable racks can be housed six high, you may reap the benefits of building height and store items vertically. As they can be delivered completely loaded and packed compact upon return, ALA Logistics portable racks are the perfect shipment and storage rack you should invest in.

How Post Pallets Can Help You?

They Make the Most of Available Storage

Post pallets are excellent for saving space. Our post pallets are much more useful for storage because they include movable legs and foldable feet. For a simpler, better storage solution, consider post pallets. They are therefore perfect for warehousing, particularly in small spaces. Post pallets are a wonderful solution for both short-term and long-term storage because they are quick and simple to assemble.

They Have Wide Usage

The fact that a post pallet may be utilized to hold a wide variety of goods is another fantastic feature of them. A post pallet, as opposed to wooden pallets, is strong enough to support heavier loads, making them appropriate for storing, handling and transporting bulky items.

They can be produced to a variety of standards, using various materials, sizes, and post counts. Depending on your needs, our post pallets can have an open foundation, a steel plate base, or a mesh platform.

They Provide the Best Protection

Goods are protected by pallets because they keep them contained and safe. Goods are kept firmly packed and kept from shifting or becoming loose with the help of pallet protection, such as breathable mesh tubes and pallet wrap. This reduces the likelihood of specific items being bumped or knocked during transportation.

They Are Stronger

Compared to alternative shipping containers, such as cardboard boxes, pallets are far more durable. More and heavier objects can be placed on a single pallet because of its higher strength, preventing the pallet from shattering. In order to prevent any good placed on a pallet from being buried by soil, trash, or water, pallets are also lifted above the ground.

They are Reusable

Pallets can be reused repeatedly. Before they lose their usability, they are frequently sent back and forth between a maker and a buyer numerous times. They can be recycled once they are worn out and no longer functional.

They are Compact

Given their size, pallets are quite light in weight and don’t take up much room. They can be piled high, taking very little floor area in the process. Since the pallet is lightweight, the things being transported add minimal load to it. Pallets are lightweight enough to handle.

Why Choose ALA Logistics?

We are one of the top manufacturers of post pallets and portable storage racks in China, supplying excellent customer care to each of our customers as well as high-quality goods that are expertly crafted and long-lasting. We have produced a wide range of material handling and logistics products over the years. To satisfy the needs of our cherished clients, we may produce unique designs as necessary.