Why Stillage Containers Are Better Than Pallets for Shipping?

Wooden pallets are typically used to move and store items in warehouses. Pallets are a suitable choice; however, they aren’t the best for all types of items. Pallets simply cannot support the load-bearing capacity in all situations; hence the best option may be to use stillage containers instead of heavy items.

Metal Stillages are Very Functional and Efficient

Using foldable stillages, you can make the most of the warehouse spaces and production lines. Using stillages in your company will also result in less time spent unloading and loading products.
Stillages are intended to separate and transport materials. They are typically made of steel and have a variety of surface treatments.

You can customize stillages to your needs, making them specifically made to manage and safeguard your goods throughout all times.

When opposed to pallets, stillage’s main advantage is longevity. Wooden pallets have a finite shelf life, whereas steel stillages made to order have a far longer lifespan.

Stillage Containers Reduces Space Wastage and Improves Efficiency

When it comes to the warehousing and transportation of items within and outside commercial buildings, metal stillages can offer far more variety than wooden pallets. Wooden pallets are typically only available in a small range of sizes, making them inappropriate for the storage and transportation of a lot of goods. On the other side, stillage’s can be made to precisely fulfil client requirements.

This means that stillages can be used to store and move containers in the best possible way. Overall, employing pallets will result in floor area waste somewhere between 4% and 15% in containers. Another advantage of using a stillage is that it can support higher weight loads and can be specially designed to provide complete protection for the cargo being transported.

There are many different stillage designs available, such as:

  • Customized stillages that can be made to your unique needs and offer storage options for your items
  • Post stillages contain substantial bars on the sides to keep products from falling off the stillage’s bottom.
  • A-frame stillages, which are practically trapezoidal in shape, are excellent for making sure that breakable items like tempered glass are protected.
  • It is simple to visually inspect the elements of each stillage because of their mesh sides and stackability.
  • When unused, foldable stillages can be conveniently stowed in the narrowest areas.

The usage of stillages conforms with legal laws that set higher standards for ecological sustainability and mandate the repurposing of packing materials. Wood waste from packaging and wooden pallets is a substantial source. Reusing the pallets when they are no longer useful can be challenging. Because they are frequently polluted with preservatives, paint, other chemicals, and metals like pins.


Stillages provide the most space possible. They can be stacked anyway, with or without a pallet separating the stacking stages. When space is at a minimum, this allows you extra room to store items, particularly if you utilize a pallet racking system to arrange the stacking.

The flexibility that stillage cages offer is their biggest feature. They have a one-size-fits-all solution that allows them to accommodate any business. They are strong, safe, and incredibly simple to control.

Transportation and Handling

When it comes to moving heavy objects that also need some sturdiness, stillage cages are the best option.

Stillages make it less likely that your things will topple over and are really simple to use. Most stillage cages, like wooden pallets, are made to be attached to forklifts or pallet jacks. You can improve the protection of the items inside the stillage cage by handling and storing stillages.

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