Beam Deck or Flared Wire Deck: Which One is Better?

What is Beam Deck?

Beam deck is an integral component of pallet racking systems, providing a surface for storing goods or pallets within a warehouse or distribution center. These decks are placed horizontally between the load-bearing beams of the rack structure, creating shelves for the goods to be stored upon.

What is Flared Wire Deck?

Flared wire decks are a specific type of wire deck designed with flared ends. The flared ends are wider than the standard wire deck, providing additional support and stability for pallets or larger items that might overhang the beams.

The primary differences between beam decks and flared wire decks lie in their structural design and functionality:

Support and Stability

Beam decks, including flared wire decks, offer support for pallets or goods placed on them. However, flared wire decks, with their widened flared ends, provide additional support for items that extend beyond the width of the beams, reducing the risk of items slipping or falling.

Load Distribution

Flared wire decks can distribute the load more evenly, especially for oversized items, due to their wider flared ends. This feature helps prevent overhanging items from tipping or causing structural imbalances in the racking system.

Ease of Loading and Unloading

Flared wire decks may offer easier access to goods stored on pallets due to their wider ends, allowing for smoother loading and unloading operations compared to standard wire decks.


Beam decks, including flared wire decks, are versatile and compatible with various pallet sizes and types. However, the flared design of wire decks specifically caters to applications where there might be a need for extra support or stability for overhanging items.

How Beam Decks And Flared Wire Decks Are Commonly Used In Material Handling And Storage Systems Like Pallet Racking?

Beam decks and flared wire decks are integral components used in material handling and storage systems, especially in pallet racking configurations within warehouses, distribution centers, and storage facilities. They play crucial roles in organizing, storing, and facilitating the movement of goods efficiently. Here’s how they are commonly utilized:

Supporting Pallets

Beam Decks

Beam decks provide a horizontal surface between the load-bearing beams of pallet racks. They serve as shelves to support pallets or goods, ensuring stable storage and easy access for forklifts or other handling equipment.

Flared Wire Decks

Similarly, flared wire decks offer support for palletized goods. Their unique feature is the widened flared ends, providing additional stability and support, especially for items that overhang the edges of pallets.

Enhancing Safety and Organization

Both types of decks contribute to warehouse safety. They prevent goods from falling between shelves, reducing the risk of accidents or damage to products or personnel.

They aid in organizing inventory by providing structured storage spaces, allowing for efficient categorization and easy identification of goods.

Improving Visibility and Airflow

Wire decks, including flared wire decks, enhance visibility and airflow within the pallet racking system. They allow better visibility for inventory management and inspections. Additionally, they promote air circulation, reducing dust accumulation and maintaining better hygiene within the storage area.

Accommodating Various Load Types

Beam decks, in general, accommodate various load types and sizes. They can support different pallet sizes, weights, and configurations.

Flared wire decks are particularly useful for accommodating irregularly shaped or larger items that might extend beyond the dimensions of standard pallets. The flared ends provide extra support for such items.

Wrapping Up

In essence, beam decks, whether in the form of wire decks or flared wire decks, are fundamental components in pallet racking systems. The choice between beam decks and flared wire decks often depends on specific storage needs, the nature of goods being stored, and the desired level of support and stability required for the stored items.

While both beam decks and flared wire decks serve the fundamental purpose of providing storage surfaces within pallet racking systems. But, the flared wire decks stand out due to their design tailored to offer enhanced support and stability for items that extend beyond the rack beams.

Always consider factors like load capacity, compatibility with your storage needs, and the nature of the items being stored when choosing between beam decks and their variants like flared wire decks for your warehouse or storage facility. Consulting with a professional in warehouse logistics or pallet racking systems can help determine the most suitable option for your specific requirements.