Increase Workplace Efficiency and Storage Space with Metal Stillages

Metal stillages are the kinds of pallets and other containers used in manufacturing and industrial applications to store products. Due to the type of goods, they are built to handle, they are supplied with flat sheet panels, mesh sides, or open sides.

You must be aware of a metal stillage if you work in or are associated with the warehousing and industrial sectors. Although stillages are widespread in factories, workplaces, and industrial places, the term ‘stillage’ is hardly used beyond those settings, that’s why most people are unaware of their existence.

What Are the Advantages of Adding Metal Stillages to Your Facility?

Start with a simple question: what form of pallet racking are you employing? If you’re engaged in the arrangement in your warehouse and pondering what kind of wire decks to use, begin with that. In the end, the sort of wire deck you are using is totally dependent on the size of the beams it will support.

Step channel wire deck seems to be more durable than flare channel wire deck, although it has fewer uses. Step channel wire decks should only be used to carry step beams, while flare channel decks can be employed to handle a variety of beams.

A support channel sits beneath the wire mesh on every material you pick, sustaining the heavy load applied on the decking. The number of support channels on the decking will largely depend on its breadth, although customized solutions are possible to increase load-bearing capability.

Wire decking solutions are, at their fundamental, a support system for your goods. Without a wire deck, unloading and removing pallets from warehouse beams gets exceedingly dangerous, with just inches between a forklift worker from securely positioning a pallet and allowing it to tumble to the floor, ultimately cost you a ton of money in losses.

A metal stillage is an excellent approach to minimize space in your warehouse while storing items in convenient locations.


One of the most significant advantages of stillages is that they will save you money over the long term. The majority of metal stillages are made of mild steel Q235 with a powder-coated finish, making them exceptionally durable. This implies you might use them repeatedly for years without fear of deteriorating or breaking them.


Metal stillages can be mounted with or even without a pallet somewhere between stack tiers for much more storage space and work efficiency. This is a huge benefit, particularly if you’re faced with small floor space.


Metal stillages are ideal for transferring big and heavy loads since they are simple to handle and limit the risk of items tumbling down.

Many metal stillages have enough space below them to be transported by a pallet jack or forklift, so you won’t have to invest in any extra equipment to transport them.


Obviously, like with any piece of equipment on the worksite, security comes first. Metal stillages enable you to properly secure things, eliminating the risk of falling or collapsing objects and hurting workers or resources.

The use of metal stillages with mesh sides reduces the chance of things getting unfastened during shipment. If you’re transporting small items that could fall through holes in mesh sides, metal stillages with durable wire panel sides could be the better decision, since they provide the best load holding capacity for tiny parts.

Why ALA Logistics’ Stillage Containers and Metal Stillages are Best?

Warehouse storage and material handling equipment and solutions that promote operational effectiveness and organizational growth are our key goals at ALA Logistics. As a result, our products are of the highest quality and help organizations stay organized. Top-quality material is used to design and craft our stillage container, which is zinc-plated or powder-coated. The stillage can handle up to 1200kg weight capacity. Every container has half-drop-down gates constructed for convenient access.

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