Pallet Racking— The Basic Guide

What Is Pallet Racking?

Pallet rack systems are a type of storage that takes advantage of the vertical capacity to accommodate single objects or palletized loads.

Post pallet and other commodities stacked on racks are typically placed and retrieved using forklifts.

Pallet racking is a very popular storage option. It is used to hold over 80% of all industrial supplies.

Material Handling Made Easy

A material handling storage system, pallet rack and post pallet are designed to store palletized or skidded items and products. Pallet rack and portable rack systems come in a variety of types and brands, but they always have the same goal: to increase storage space by elevating pallets off the surface and maximizing the space available.

With its emphasis on speedy order fulfillment and overnight shipment, today’s storage must be able to cope with the ever-growing and fast-paced marketplace. Pallet rack systems are simplified and efficient, featuring innovations that maximize storage while preventing harm to products. You could even store all your goods underneath one roof with them if you need to be much more efficient.

Benefits of Pallet Racking Systems

They make greater use of storage space that is restricted

You can use them to go vertical.

It can be tough to manage constantly packed storage space properly if you are struggling to keep everything in your supplies in one facility. “Go vertical” is one approach to do this. Potentially reduce turnaround and delivery times by storing more inventory in less storage space.

They improve storage space and productivity.

Drive-in racking solutions help you save space by allowing you to:

  • Enabling you to keep more products in a smaller space.
  • Letting trucks more quickly enter racking systems to pick up or unload goods pallets.
  • With space-saving tracks, you may arrange storage units more conveniently, leaving minimal aisles for accessibility.
  • The storage density can be enhanced by up to 75%.

There will be lesser damaged items (and racks)

On driving in setups that are many pallet places below and several levels high, today’s pallet rack systems utilize heavy-duty, sloping back support structures. This keeps the goods from getting damaged.

Furthermore, racking systems are far more resilient than prior models and can withstand lift truck accidents.

They increase the efficiency of order fulfilment

Personalized packing and warehousing systems enable you to make better use of your storage space, resulting in faster order fulfilment.

Units select and store products efficiently. Instead of forklifts replenishing inventory, conveyors in vast central passageways transport products in and out for the storage and transportation. Storage and packing system operate together to transfer items through the process as smoothly as possible.

In one flawless procedure, goods are transported in, housed, withdrawn from warehousing, and delivered out to clients. This implies that when it’s time to ship, there will be no delay, no backlog, and no looking for a specific item.

It’s simple to add on and expand

Pallet rack and portable rack solutions can expand in parallel with your organization and goods. Begin with a single capability and expand as needed.

Portable storage rack solutions give you real freedom to spend simply what you need at any one time, with the opportunity to build on to current storage as needed without having to entirely restructure. For instance, you can begin with a single-tiered racking system and simultaneously add more when needed with little to no downtime.

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