What Makes Ala Logistics’ Roll Container A Must-Have for Your Facility?

With years of experience and expertise in the industry, Ala Logistics offers material handling and storage solutions that adhere to international standards. Whether you need a roll container for moving your goods across the supermarket, or a laundry cage to streamline the laundry process in your hotel, we have everything to meet your storage needs.

How Are ALA Logistics’ Roll Containers and Cages Unique?

Here are the top reasons why you should invest in a roll cage from ALA Logistics—


You can utilize a roll cage repeatedly without compromising its capability to store or move your products. Unlike our mesh or roll containers, cardboard boxes are frequently torn or allowed to sag over time. The fewer shipping supplies you need to keep and move your goods thanks to these containers, the less your operational expenses will be.

Made to Last

These containers are made of sturdy, long-lasting materials, so they will hold up even if you reuse them repeatedly throughout your facilities. They have fortified walls, so they won’t break down or disintegrate with time.

Our steel storage containers won’t damage or collapse if they get wet, unlike other storage options like cardboard boxes, which are useful if you want to send or keep your goods far away.

You don’t need to be concerned about your goods being harmed or your shipping containers breaking if your shipments experience some transportation tear and wear. Your overhead costs will go down because you won’t need to acquire new containers as frequently.

Protect the Item

Your goods are protected while shipping by the reinforced walls used in the construction of foldable roll cages and containers. Your products won’t shift around as they travel to the desired location if you load your containers completely, use the right packing materials, and don’t put fragile items too closely around each other.

As a result, your credibility in the market will increase because you will no longer be concerned about your products becoming harmed in transit. When the goods are delivered, your clients will be happy to see that everything is still there and in perfect condition.

Reduced Shipping Prices

By consolidating your things into a single shipment as opposed to sending them in separate packages, using a roll cage would also assist you in saving money on transportation.

The majority of logistics businesses base their fees on the shipment’s weight and size. You can save money on the number of shipments and transportation costs by putting everything in one container.

Save Space

These containers are totally foldable, as their name suggests, so you can collapse them into a small piece of material when they’re not being used. As everyone who works in the warehouse industry is aware, supplies and commodities constantly come and leave, so occasionally some of your containers will be vacant.

When unused, you can fold these containers and keep them aside to achieve maximum warehouse space. To create additional space in your facility, simply arrange them against the wall or lay them out on the floor. You and your staff can easily set up these containers and put them back into circulation when new products and supplies arrive at the door.

When not used, you can keep your pallets in pallet containers, which will help you save a lot more storage space.

Boost Employee Productivity

Your workforce will have an easier time loading and unloading various transportation vehicles if you pack your goods into the fewest number of shipping containers possible. Use metal collapsible containers wherever possible because of this. When doing normal duties, your staff won’t need to handle as many containers. They can load and unload things more quickly, which will lower your labour costs and boost employee productivity.

Buy Material Handling and Storage Containers at Best Rates

Roll containers and other storage containers such as pallet racks, tyre racks, wire mesh containers, and steel stillages, to name a few, are a staple of any warehouse business. Add these components to your business plan right away to cut overhead costs and boost productivity.

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