Wire Mesh Decking is a Must for Safe Workspace or Facility

Wire mesh decking is a product that is used in conjunction with pallet racks to give support, protection, and other advantages. Wire decks are simple to set up (they just slide into position) and provide excellent vision throughout all layers of pallet racking.

Wire mesh decks can promote air circulation and reduce dust build-up in order to protect goods from tumbling. Wire decks can also aid boost the effectiveness of overhead sprinklers, and they are required by many municipal fire codes in place of plywood or particleboard.

Some Crucial Safety Tips for Wire Decking

Wire decking has a number of benefits, but only if it’s correctly installed. The weight capacity and decking style of these metal pieces determine how much support they have to the pallets above them. If these protective guidelines are not followed, workers, workspace and resources could be badly injured.

When using wire decking, the mesh that is chosen must be suitable for the weight that it must support. Wire decking must not be employed recklessly to support an overloaded pallet. Unless the pallet is completely empty or light, match the wire decking strength to the pallet and don’t rely solely on the decking for stability.

Pallets must be stacked in such a manner that the items on the pallets cover the decking across all sides — front to back and side to side — resulting in a regularly distributed load.

No one in the facility should ever stand or walk on wire decking. Regardless of the deck’s capacity, it was built to withstand static loads rather than the pressure difference that a human would exert. Decking can cause individuals to trip. It might topple over it or slide-out if someone climbs on it or carelessly stacks pallets on it, causing unequal strain.

Why Buy Wire Mesh Decking?

For users:

  • Enables a better overview of pallets through the bottom, making forklift operations easier and faster.
  • Increases visibility and enables for movement of air and conditioning into the warehouse facility to accommodate non-standard pallet sizes on racking.
  • Pallet racking is converted into shelving for different items without sacrificing load bearing capacity.
  • It can be installed on both box and stepped beams.
  • Most racking manufacturers are compatible.
  • Installation is simple — it just slides into place with no need for fastening.
  • Strong, long-lasting, and low-maintenance.

For compliance & insurance:

  • By allowing smoke and heat to increase, fire detection systems are activated.
  • Reduces the number of levels where sprinklers are required.
  • Allows water from nozzles to enter storage systems, assisting in the extinguishment of fires.
  • Avoid having goods fall down your storage rack, resulting in any damage or harm.
  • Pharmaceutical and food situations are ideal.
  • In a Mesh Deck, it’s completely sanitary — dust-free and bug-free.
  • Fully tested and conforms with weight specifications.
  • In many circumstances, it can help you save money on your insurance premiums.

Why ALA Logistics’ Mesh Decks are Best?

Our welded wire mesh deck solutions are made to add extra protection to pallet rack operations in your facility. Wire mesh decking is a prominent solution for improving warehouse storage effectiveness and security.

Pallet rack wire mesh decking outperforms wood decking in terms of strength and durability. Our product gives you the most resilience and adaptability for different uses, while also satisfying local fire code standards, whether you’re loading huge pallets or manually stacking small boxes on your material handling equipment.

Our wire decking attaches quickly and easily without the use of any equipment. Furthermore, the mesh designed by our experts keeps dust at bay while allowing light to pass through each storage level.

Buy Wire Mesh Decks at Best Price

Have a specific need for wire mesh decking? We have the world’s best collection of pallet rack wire decking, and we can make bespoke dimensions and layouts to fit any storage or pallet rack wire decking requirement.